A fox, a badger and a crane once got lost deep in the mountains in a dark gorge. Around them it became darker and darker and just when they were getting more and more pusillanimous and didn’t know what to do, a winged deer creature with the hind legs of a bird appeared to them.

The fox and the badger, who immediately recognized the mystical creature as a Peryton, asked it for advice without hesitation, since they had already heard of its foresight. The Peryton recommended that they walk together for part of the route. In this way, they would soon get back on the right path.

The crane, however, did not want to listen to the Peryton’s advice, nor did he want to join the others. Instead, he went his own way, which led him deeper and deeper into the mountains. The fox then became uncertain and thought about which direction to take – after all, he was already familiar with the crane.

The Peryton noticed the fox’s concerns. Instead of condemning him for his dithering, the Peryton listened patiently. After a brief exchange, the fox discarded his doubts and decided to follow the Peryton.

So the Peryton showed the path and the two forest animals followed his advice. After a short time they left the gorge and said goodbye as friends, recounting the story of this wondrous journey at any arising opportunity. The crane, however, was never seen again and was eventually forgotten.

Peryton [noun, masculine]
mythological figure: hybrid of a deer and a bird.

Not much is known today about the origin of this unique mythical creature with the head and trunk of a deer and the hind legs and wings of a large bird. It is said that the Peryton originated from the sunken continent of Atlantis and came from there to the world of man. It is mentioned by name for the first time in Jorge Luis Borges’ 1957 “Handbook of Fantastic Zoology,” but it is rumoured that its impact extends far beyond that time …

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