Circus Kitchens now with robots

13.09.23 by Konstantin Kottutz
As exclusive M&A advisor, we supported Aitme Robotic Kitchen in a sale to Circus Kitchens. As a result, the chefs at Hamburg-based startup Circus Kitchens will get help from two-by-four-meter big kitchen robots.
Circus is a food tech startup that aims to revolutionize dining experiences. With its state-of-the-art micro-kitchens and proprietary technology, Circus offers a wide range of freshly prepared, affordable dishes tailored to customers’ individual preferences.
Since launching in the summer of 2022, Circus has expanded its services to Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and Duisburg and received a total of 18 million euros in funding.
Aitme offers fully automated, innovative robotic kitchens that prepare freshly cooked meals at the touch of a button, taking a full-service approach.
Circus Kitchens will fully integrate Aitme’s operations to leverage the robotic kitchen in its Ghost Kitchen business model.
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