Entering the digital transformation with fiber optics: BG Communications merges with Kabel Braunau

11.03.24 by Konstantin Kottutz
We advised the Austrian fiber optic operator BG Communications GmbH (BGC) on its merger with Kabel Braunau GmbH – a decisive step for the digital transformation in the Braunau region in Upper Austria! The combined strength of the two companies not only promises a significant improvement in broadband infrastructure, but also comprehensive coverage with high-speed internet for thousands of households and business customers by mid-2027.
Under the name BG Communications, the combined company will invest EUR 75 million to provide over 30,000 households in the Braunau region with fiber optic services by mid-2027. The plans include the expansion of a total of 850 kilometers of fiber optic lines by the end of 2024, which will create 50 additional jobs in the region. The merger positions BGC as the market-leading broadband provider in the region, with a total of 8,000 customers and 50 employees.
The founders of BGC and Kabel Braunau, Willem Brinkert and Mario Treiblmair, will take over the position of Co-CEO at BGC and will both remain shareholders in the new company. Their shared vision of providing the Braunau region with state-of-the-art broadband technology promises a successful future for the company. “The agreement signed today is an important milestone for our company. Our goal remains to use fiber optic technology to usher in a new era of Internet in the Braunau region. Fiber optics is more than just a technology. It is a pioneer for social and economic progress,” explains Brinkert. In Treiblmair, he has gained “a strong personality who, with his leadership, vision and focus on quality, service and customer satisfaction, will make a significant contribution to the next phase of the BGC Group’s growth.” He is very familiar with the region, has an impressive track record and decades of industry knowledge.
Treiblmair adds: “The merger with BGC will combine resources, expertise and market positions, which will create an even stronger market presence and further increase our competitiveness. This will enable us to offer far more than just fast internet connections. We are creating an infrastructure that will meet digital needs in the long term and will last for decades to come. Our aim is not only to respond to current challenges by expanding the fiber optic infrastructure, but also to create a sustainable foundation for the digital future.”
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