10.01.22 by Konstantin Kottutz
Happy 2022! To mark the start of the year, we have three links we think are worth sharing with you:


Trend researcher and futurologist Harry Gatterer is a managing director of the Zukunftsinstitut and in this essay that is very worthwhile reading, he explains ‘why we need a new understanding of transitions in a hyperconnected world, in order to realise major transformations’.’.


One of the biggest issues of the future is the so-called metaverse and the related impact it will have on society and the economy. The consultants from Wunderman Thompson provide a fantastic summary of the opportunities and risks in their ‘Into the Metaverse’report that you can download free of charge here:


On the other hand, if you want some peace in your digital life, , we recommend this tool: on the pleasantly clear, streamlined website, you can “listen” to various forests across the world. Click here to enjoy an acoustic ‘forest bath:
We wish you lots of success in 2022 and stay healthy!
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